Early Warning Systems for Biodiversity in Cascadia: A Journey via Southern Africa and Antarctica

Our executive director Phoebe, gave a talk at the 7th Generation Supper as a part of their Times of Change series. She relayed her years of work doing conservation in Africa, and her experiences working with both engaged government parties, as well as citizen scientists. She spoke of the multiple citizen science data sets available in Africa, and how this data is being used to expand protected areas for animals such as the Secretary Bird, an iconic species that no one realized was rapidly declining until citizen scientists submitted observation data.

Phoebe also spoke of her Antarctica trip with a program called Homeward Bound, and of being a part of a team of 75 women from around the world focused on leadership training. Antarctica is melting fast, but we can reshape the future so that this does not happen. We all just need to make a stand together.

Phoebe hopes to bring some of the conservation methods used in Africa to the PNW, by creating an early warning system for species through a collaboration of governments, tribes, non-profits, citizens, and scientists who will  design rigorous data collection efforts that can stand up in courts.