Our 4th Conservation Cafe featured our very own executive director, Phoebe Barnard. She talked about her trip with Homeward Bound, on the largest women’s expedition to Antarctica to date. The frozen, but quickly melting world of the Antarctic, is beautiful, wild, and exotic. We viewed photos of penguins, seals, the strong women leaders of Homeward Bound, and the dazzling landscape of the Antarctic.

Chinstrap penguin –  by Dyan de Napoli

Crab-eater seal – by Betty Trummel

Weddell seal – by Christina Jorgensen

We also learned about  Sir Ernest Shackleton’s horrendous 1915-1916 voyage to Antarctica with his crew on the H.M.S. Endurance, which showed the world the importance of adaptive leadership, courage, and attention to the small details of morale. He and his brave crew show us the fortitude we must have in these times of climate change, biodiversity loss, economic shocks and abrupt shifts in public policy.

We were delighted to have so many local high school students attend the lecture, and we look to these potential scientists to be the change makers of the future.

The talented, committed, passionate women of Homeward Bound!

By Songqiao Ya