Conservation partnerships

As a small but impactful institute operating in rapidly changing times, we know that conservation cannot succeed without organizations operating together in a strong, positive, collective spirit.

These are difficult times for the environment and human society, with increasing population pressure and human consumption.  This is particularly so where sudden policy shifts disrupt steady progress on social and environmental justice.

We at PBI know that passion and knowledge change the game.  We invest in team-building and finding common ground among the shared values of those working for a better society.

We are building broad coalitions of organizations and individuals in three of our priority work areas – our South American wildlands conservation work, our Biodiversity Early Warning and Action System planning and our Conservation Leadership training.   We also get involved in existing coalitions, to have greater strength and resources to bear on problems and solutions.

Conservation is most effective when it brings together researchers, public agencies, citizen scientists, universities, investors, visionaries, and ordinary people.  We stimulate partnerships that aim to nurture conservation and bring about rapid action to stem biodiversity loss -  including through research, conservation assessment, and support for innovative solutions.

Conservation funding is often scarce - partnerships that use the diverse skills and resources of each participant can maximize impact, and minimize risks and costs.

Examples of current and recent partnerships:

Conservation Partners in Western North America

  • Coastal Volunteer Partnership at Padilla Bay
  • Puget Sound Partnership
  • Skagit Conservation District
  • Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife
  • Center for Creative Conservation, University of Washington
  • Shannon Point Marine Center, Western Washington University

Conservation Partners in South America

  • Aves Argentinas
  • Grupo de Conservacion de Flamingos Alto Andinos
  • Instituto Ecologia Regional, Universidad Nacional de Tucuman
  • Intihuaico Mountain School
  • Finca Huayrapuca
  • Multiple Bird Observation Clubs (COAs) in Argentina
  • Patagonia
  • ProYungas
  • Universidad Nacional de Cordoba
  • Universidad Nacional de Salta

Pacific Biodiversity Institute provides conservation partners with access to the latest scientific approaches and technology. We also lead the way through sharing of innovative conservation approaches across continents and biomes.

To learn more about the results of some of our conservation partnerships in a variety of ecosystems, see our publications page.